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Linux Update



  • Peter Bun

    As a Fedora Linux User, this sounds very exciting, and I am glad you guys are doing this!

  • 4gboframram

    Are there any plans on releasing an arch package? Currently I use debtap to convert the deb package to an arch package, but I would rather not have to do that, as the package ends up missing fonts that I had to install manually.

  • Cesar Izurieta

    Thanks a lot for providing these packages. I was able to install this on openSUSE tumbleweed without issues (other than a typo on the filename extension `rmp` instead of `rpm`).

    But, when running I just get errors when I try to download anything. I get this on the logs:

    curl_easy_perform() failed: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

    I have ca-certificates-cacert installed but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything else. Do I need to have the certificates in any specific location?


  • Robert

    I noticed that by default files are downloaded to:


    Instead, MuseSounds Manager should follow the XDG base directory specification (read e.g. )

    Audacity was also changed to respect the spec. See

    The default directories would be then for most users:

    1) $HOME/.config/muse-sounds-manager for configuration files

    2) $HOME/.local/share/muse-sounds-manager/downloads or maybe $HOME/.local/cache/muse-sounds-manager/downloads for the downloads

    The respective folders should be determined programmatically according to the system configuration. In the github issue linked above I found:

    If there is an option to use GLib directly, then just calling g_get_user_config_dir() will give you the user config dir respecting the variable if it exists and providing the default of $HOME/.config if it doesn't - removing the need to perform that logic directly in the code.

    I also noticed that on a highDPI screen with KDE under Wayland, the font size of the manager GUI is very small.

  • theofficialgman

    armhf and arm64 releases of muse sounds manager as MuseScore 4.2.0 will release for these architectures


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